Over this weekend, several crews from Zion Studios made the trip up to Wellington to compete in the HipHop Unite competition. As always, they did both Zion and Northcity proud!

“Project placed 1st in open and Cassettes placed 2nd in open. Shutter placed 4th and Frame 10th out of 22 crews in junior. High Definition placed 10th out of 22 crews as well. We had 5 out of 6 crews make it to finals AND we did a mega guest performance. Today was the best

I have ever seen our crews dance. I even had a cry during the guest performance. We are so proud and blessed to be a part of the lives of our dancers and their families. Thank you for what you do and who you are.”

Zion are holding their 50th concert this Saturday 9th of July. This is a massive event and Zion would love to welcome you to the show! All the fundraising from concerts, merchandise sales and cafe lunches on Sundays have gone towards new flooring in the dance studios, which are now being installed. It’s great to see the efforts of all these passionate hard workers pay off. Tickets are $5 each for either of

the two shows, 3pm or 5:30pm, and tickets can be bought from the Northcity office between 10am and 4pm.