While we are not able to meet together in our building, we are still very much focussed on staying connected. The primary way we are doing this is through our connect groups, and at this stage this is obviously done over the internet or phone.

We would love to connect you in to one of these spaces, so if you are not part of a connect group but would like to connect, even just for this lockdown period, see contact details on our connect groups page, or email connect@northcity.co.nz an we will be in touch


To keep in touch with what is happening with the whānau make sure you are on our email list by emailing welcome@northcity.co.nz


As well as our connect group spaces and emails, we are posting regularly on YouTube and Facebook following the rhythm below:

Sunday 10am – Morning service hosted by various whānau from Northcity


  • Monday – Friday – morning devotions guided by a member of the Northcity whānau
  • Saturday – Written devotions on Facebook or email for you to read and reflect on


  • Sunday – A short sermon/study from one of our preaching team
  • Monday – Saturday (excluding Thursday) – Videos from members of the Northcity whānau – updates, encouragements, challenges etc.
  • Thursday – Communion (or similar liturgy)