Lent is a time of prayer and fasting. It isn’t so much about self denial as it is about making room for God. We do this to
invite God to change us, to mold us, and to renew us in anticipation of the day when we will be made completely new
and will feast with God in the total fullness of his kingdom come.
This year the Elders have called us as a whanau to begin our lenten journey with one dedicated week of community prayer and fasting. This will be the week following the services on Feb 14.
The choice to fast is yours, and what you choose to fast is up to you, but we offer a challenge to choose something that
will serve as a reminder to continually invite God into your week.
From Monday to Thursday that week there will be opportunities to gather at Northcity to pray together at 7am, 12pm,
and 7pm. There isn’t expectation to come to everything but to fit in what works for you – which might be coming to
one session or several. The Tuesday evening will be a larger gathering so if you can only come to one prayer gathering
that week, try to make it Tuesday evening.
We will be compiling a list of prayer points for those who want specific things to focus on in their prayer that week.
We would also encourage you, especially if you can’t make any of the prayer gatherings, to set yourself a reminder for
midday to stop and pray the Lord’s Prayer. Even while we are separate we can be united and pray as one.
So mark it down in your
diaries and start anticipating what God might do amongst us as we actively seek him together.