What’s the ‘time’ in Christchurch currently? Where are we at as a city? It’s over four years since devastating earthquakes literally and symbolically shook our world. Some might say that four years later we have moved on, it’s time to get over earthquakes, step into the future!

Maybe it’s not that simple though.

This Sunday (19th April) we will hear comments from David Meates, the CEO of the CDHB, sharing some of his perspective of where we are at as a city, suggesting “it’s timely to remind ourselves that despite the physical signs of renewal and rebuilding in the city and suburbs there are still a number of stressors that continue to impact on the well-being of Canterbury families”. David shares some interesting insights regarding trends in our city.  After that Donald will interview Toby, Chris, Brooke (as a follow up from last year’s deeply impacting session with these three wise persons!) and Cindy to hear their insights in response to David’s comments.