DEEP is a city-wide prayer & worship gathering run by the Prayer Collective team. Twice a year we host this 24 hour gathering, partnering with local worship leaders, intercessors and churches around the city to create an atmosphere of continual song & prayer. Everyone is welcome to attend at any point within those 24 hours. Some people pop-in for a few hours while we’ve seen some hard out folks stay the entire time. It can be a rich time of personal reflection, soaking, prayer ministry and celebration. We also incorporate artistic elements to help the creative types connect with the space.

Each DEEP has a different feel, depending on the location and musicians involved. Something powerful that takes place over these 24 hour blocks of time as we press into God together—unified as believers across the city. He has healed sicknesses, delivered people from oppression and brought people’s hearts back to Him during these times. We look forward to seeing you there! Come get refreshed!

DEEP will be held at Northcity Church, from 7pm to 7pm on the 25th to 26th of November.