Mission has been a cornerstone of Northcity since our foundation.  It will always be an important part of who we are as a church whānau. We see mission as being something all of us are called to in one way or another, be it locally, nationally or internationally.  Below are some of the specific ways mission is outworked at Northcity.

International Mission

One of the key overseas ministries we support in prayer (and in other ways) are:

One-to-One Ministries – Annie Chen-Green

Annie uses her skill set as a doctor to train and mentor others in South East Asia to provide medical support to those who desperately need it, rooted in the love of God.

Local Mission

We are very involved in mission in our local community and passionate about living out the gospel practically in our own community.  As well as a number of initiatives Northcity people are involved with through their work or own volunteering, we have two key local mission organisations in our building:

Northgate Community Service Trust – Te Ketiraki

Northgate is our community arm and our primary way of connecting with our local community.  This includes everything from offering seniors’ exercise classes, to cheap haircuts, to basic computer training, to mainly music for toddlers and their parents.  There are a wide range of services all aimed at loving and serving those in our community in a way that shows their worth as people.  For many, Northgate provides a place of belonging and an incentive to get out an about.  For more on the work of Northgate see northgatetrust.co.nz.

Make Me New Opshop – Wayne and Karla Guerin

Make Me New is an Opshop run by Wayne and Karla.  It is open at the back of Northcity on Fridays.  They also have rummage sales, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.  As well as running the shop, Wayne and Karla use the clothes they receive to support Samoa Alofa, clothe the homeless of Christchurch, provide clothing (particularly school clothing) to children in Tanzania, providing job interview clothing through WINZ, as well as supporting many individuals from the local area.

Head on down on a Friday and get yourself a bargain while supporting some awesome work, or check them out on Facebook.