This page will contain an increasing number of short reviews of some of the books we have in our library. Check out our full catalogue here.

How the Bible Actually Works* In which I Explain How an Ancient, Ambiguous, and Diverse Book Leads Us to Wisdom Rather than Answers–And Why That’s Great News.  By Peter Enns

What is the Bible and how does it work?  In this book Peter Enns brings a refreshing challenge to how many of us were taught to view the Bible.  He suggests (as you can tell from the name of the book) that the Bible isn’t a book of answers, but instead is a book that God uses to shape us towards wisdom.  Jesus, for example, came and taught mainly in parables – difficult to understand stories that require wrestling and examination, and connection with our hearts and minds as they shape the wisdom of the kingdom of God in us.  I found myself not totally convinced in places regarding some minor points, being a little more conservative than Enns in some regards, yet his overall challenge is one I felt was bang on and was supported with deep reflection and research, and presented in an easy to read, often humorous way (demonstrated in the overly long name of the book).

If you have any desire to understand how to read the Bible in a healthy way so it has meaning for your life, this book is definitely worth your time.   


Huia Come Home. By Jay Ruka

In this exploration into faith and life in Aotearoa, Jay Ruka walks us through his own journey of discovering the gold there is to find in what God had placed in this land long before the gospel arrived. He goes on a pilgrimage discussing worldviews, cultures, and misunderstandings, to discover some of the depth that is there for us when we embrace our faith in a way that is rooted in the land in which we find ourselves.

Revisiting the early missionaries, the transformative message of the gospel and the cultural missteps of the Treaty of Waitangi, Huia Come Home invites us to reconnect with the unique story offered by the indigenous Māori lens.

While Ruka looks back to the past, the real beauty of this book is the hope that he sees for the future if we can take on board the lessons of those who went before us and learn how to walk alongside one another in true partnership.

A must read if you want to understand more deeply why Northcity is so focussed on our bi-cultural journey and the ministry of reconciliation.