Giving comes in many formats, one of which is through finances.  For Northcity, that money comes primarily from the generosity of people who contribute financially to the whānau for our whānau and community work. We are committed to God’s purpose of extending His Kingdom through the development of initiatives into our community, serving the poor and needy, leadership support and development, overseas mission etc.  Our goal is that the maximum amount of money is given towards people, and God’s mission in the world.

How can I give?
  • The easiest and preferred way is by automatic payment. This establishes consistency and helps us with planning, budgets etc.
  • We have an envelope system which allows you to give discreetly as you are able.  Envelopes, cash can be placed in our kete (offering bags) on a Sunday, or in our koha box, located beside the sound desk.
  • EFTPOS is available at the back of the Whare Karakia during services and in the office during the week.
  • You can give a donation online.

Whatever system of giving you choose we encourage you to contact us for a ‘tithe number’.  All your giving which is accompanied by that number is then recorded for you and a tax receipt issued at the end of the financial year.

If you want to give now!

You can setup an auto-payment or just make a one-off donation by depositing into our bank account. Our account number is:

02 0816 0113227 00

Is there accountability?

Northcity Church is a registered charitable trust which has to fulfil certain legal obligations. Our accounts are prepared by a chartered accountant who is not a member of our church, and our financial decisions are made by a group of Kaitiaki Putea (Trustees) in consultation with the Kaitiaki team to ensure accountability. We also establish and review yearly budgets. All counting of money after services is done by two people, and all cheques are countersigned by two people, again ensuring accountability.