Come down to Northcity at 7:30pm for a combined connect group night. We are discussing how to live a cross-shaped life; how to live well together even though we are all so different. All are welcome even if you are not in a connect group.

Part 1 – Great Expectations, with Chris Parsons

Chris will dig into some of the big issues around expectations – those invisible ‘drivers’ we bring into our relationships with each other.

Great Expectations – not just a book by Charles Dickens, but often what makes us ‘bump’ into each other. How do we recognise what our expectations are? What are our expectations of church and each other? Often they are shaped by stuff from completely different parts of our lives. How do we know what is realistic? How do we use to them to solve conflict rather than create it?


Part 2 – The Gospel as Connection, with Toby Stocks

Toby will invite us to consider what we do when faced with the tension of conflict. Do we pursue to connect and resolve or do we withdraw to protect ourselves?