Lent has been a time of preparation.  Preparation for a weekend.  A weekend that is set aside, not just to have a holiday, but to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah.  This weekend – the one we remember – changed life as we know it.  While we remember these events weekly, there is something special about setting aside time to spend time dwelling on these events and what that means for us and the world we live in.

Come and join with us as we remember in our Easter services.

On Good Friday we will have a short service focussed on the reading of Scripture, telling the stories of Jesus’ final preparations, his betrayal, arrest, ‘trial’, and crucifixion.

On Easter Sunday morning we celebrate.  We celebrate the resurrection of the Son of God.  We celebrate the defeat of death and the hope of new life.  We celebrate the reversal of the events of Eden.  We celebrate the eternal life that is ours in Christ.  We celebrate together!