Northcity has two youth groups: Northcity Intermediates and Northcity Youth.

Northcity Intermediates (NCI)

NCI runs on Sunday mornings from 10:20am-11:40am.  This is a chance to engage with Scripture and explore what life in God looks like, while also having fun together.

At times NCI are also invited to join youth on a Friday night for a combined event, aiding with their transition into youth as they begin high school.

Northcity Youth (NCY)

NCY is our high school aged youth group. We meet regularly on Friday nights (7pm-9pm) during the school terms. We have loads of fun activities in store for anyone who comes to hang out at youth which includes bonfires, camps, car rallies, and a whole lot of other fun activities! Some of these nights are small group discussions at Northcity, where we have speakers or a short video series and have group discussions based off them. We exist to serve the youth and encourage them to become lifelong disciples of Christ and gain some lifelong friends for their journey while having a great time!

We would love to have you come check it out!

For more info on NCI or NCY contact or 03 3750850.