At Northcity we are committed to what God is doing in our city.  This means connecting and partnering with other churches across the city, being actively involved in a wider church network in Christchurch known as Te Raranga.

About Te Raranga

Soon after the February 2011 earthquake church leaders met together to discuss how we might respond. What became clear was the need to create a network for the initiatives and groups that were serving the city and provide a context for new initiatives to emerge that would promote communication and collaboration between churches and groups.

At this time someone explained the Māori concept of leadership. “Rangatira” is derived from “raranga” or weaving and thus the leader is the one who weaves together the different individuals and groupings for the common good. That sounded like a great model for what our city needed. On the one hand not an imposition of a top-down strategy but on the other hand also not just a laissez-faire waiting for whatever emerged. The middle way was the intentional weaving together of what God was already doing at the grassroots and within networks and denominations. After consultation with local Māori leaders we got permission to use the name Te Raranga for a citywide network of churches. It is an interesting metaphor to explore. For example, in weaving, each strand maintains its individuality and integrity – we are not talking about a unity that involves losing identity. But by weaving those stands together, something much stronger is created – each strand is actually strengthened by being supported by the others and together, for example, as a woven basket or kete, the weaving has the capacity to hold something much bigger.

It is our hope that woven together, like a kete, we might hold, contain, sustain such a move; we might actually hold something magnificent for God – for the glory of God and for the well-being of our city. That is Te Raranga.